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Poetry and Randomness

Calm walk through crisp wintry air
Breath creates pillows of cloudy fog
Quickly disappears in frost filled nite.

Noise stirs senses to attention
From behind comes a figure
Whos dark raiment conceals its shape.
The pace of the follower intensifies
Forcing him to step up his speed as well.

Suddenly the follower breaks into full sprint
Catching the man off guard.
A skirmish ensues with no one clearly in control.
The dark clothed man stealthily reaches for his pocket
Not knowing that the walker had seen what was happening.
The walker then grabs the shady figures hand,
Reversing the motion back towards the figure.
After hesitating, the dark figure pulled a lever.
Yet his indecision brings about his own undoing
As the handgun goes off the bullet rips not into the intended target
Rather into the anticipated attacker,
Ending what could have been a successful hit.